Saturday, March 7, 2009

Electronic Press Kit


Between sound and silence, between life and death… there lies a coda.


Coda (n): "A new theme introduced at the end of a musical composition to emphasise the sense of finality." Inspired by the films of Deco Dawson and Maya Deren, this silent, black & white film provides a brief, surrealistic glimpse into one moment of this woman's existence: the coda of her life. Is it an ending, or a place between?


Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor – Cara Mumford
Actor – Emma Claire Miller
Assistant Camera/Key Grip/Gaffer – Zenon Sept
Production Assistant – Oriana Evoy
Hair & Makeup – December Dawn

Production Notes:

Coda in G Minor was inspired thematically by the Blue October song Weight of the World, visually by Deco Dawson's film Knout and poetically by Maya Deren's film Meshes of the Afternoon Then, after working on James Reckseidler's film, The Ice Climber's Waltz, I was itching to try my hand at Super 8 filming. James generously loaned me one of his cameras and, after a five-minute lesson on how to shoot Super 8, I was ready to film Coda. I cast the lead from my first workshop film and we got together with a couple of my other volunteers from that film and shot it entirely in my stripped down bathroom.

Although most of the film was processed at the lab, I hand processed the final sequence of the film. I still opted for a digital edit, but I incorporated adaptations of optical printing techniques, such as skip printing and step printing, as taught to me by Deco Dawson while he was the artist-in-residence at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF). I have additional footage that I shot for the film, but decided that I preferred the ambiguity of this edit. I am considering a companion piece to Coda in G Minor that would incorporate that other footage and experiment with other visual styles.

A full Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for Coda is available as an online pdf.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coda on IMDb

Apparently, Withoutabox, the online film festival submission site that I use, had the opportunity to offer IMDb title pages to emerging films and filmmakers who have used Withoutabox to submit their work to film festivals. Pre-selected and pre-approved (sounds like a credit card offer… not that I've ever been pre-approved for one of those… but I digress).

Part of me felt (and still feels) that it's a little pretentious to have your under-3-minute short film listed on IMDb, especially when that's all you've got to your credit (I refer to credits on IMDb here, not other films that I've done). But I also didn't want to turn down an opportunity. And I figure that maybe it can work as a bit of a push to be able to add another credit as soon as possible. Plus I wanted to be able to provide credits for the people that worked on the film, since they are all film people and not just friends of mine. (I mean, yes, they're friends of mine, too, but they all have their own film interests outside of just helping me.)

I was going to wait until everything and everyone had been added to the page, but I am beginning to realize that might take a while. So check out "Coda in G Minor" on IMDb: And feel free to vote if you’ve seen the film!