Friday, April 4, 2008

Emma Claire Miller

I first met Emma Claire Miller when I was casting for my 16mm Film School project, "No Time Like the Present." I'd held auditions all day and had videotaped each of them with the assistance of my cousin, with whom I was discussing each of the actors after their auditions. It was all going smoothly… until we blew a fuse. (I hadn't taken my electrics course yet; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.) We managed to figure out a way to get enough light to keep taping… then the camera battery died… and then my cousin had to leave to start his job…


A woman sits in a dim room, no camera, all alone, with one last audition. She'd seen some good auditions and some talented actors but hadn't had any clouds parting, ray of sunshine moments saying 'here is the lead for your film'. She isn't defeated but her body language indicates that she doesn't expect anything to change anytime soon.

Enter Emma Claire Miller.


She has a fun personality. I can picture her as Jane (although the hair's a little too glamorous). Ooh, listen to her read; her voice is perfect for the voice over.

The director pauses as she considers the irony of talking about voice overs within a voice over. Then her attention goes back to the audition as she puts Emma Claire through a series of Sonia Moore improv exercises that had weirded out many an actor that day. But not this one.


Frack, this grrl's got some mad improv skills!

Cue the clouds and the choir.



I'll admit that I had a few moments of doubt about my judgement before we started production, simply because that was the ONLY audition that I didn't have on tape and that was the ONLY audition that no one else had seen. You can imagine how relieved I was on production day when I realized that my gut instincts had been right on the money.

So when I had the idea for "Coda in G Minor," I knew exactly who I wanted to cast. Fortunately for me, Emma Claire was willing and able and so production began.



Emma Claire Miller is an actress living and working in Calgary, Alberta. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre at the University of Victoria, Emma Claire spent nine months performing as part of the Chemainus Theatre Festival before moving to Alberta. Since arriving in Calgary almost two years ago, she has performed with many different companies in the city, including The Shakespeare Company, Alberta Theatre Projects and, most recently, Quest Theatre. Emma Claire is a co-creator and Artistic Associate of Sandbox Children's Theatre, currently touring an educational based show around Southern Alberta ( An avid improv artist, she has had the chance to play with both Loose Moose and the Kinkonauts. Earlier this year, Emma Claire was selected as one of the Devon Stars of the Future, highlighting emerging artists in the ATP season. She has had the pleasure of working with Cara on a couple of different pieces, and loves the opportunity to explore with new artists in every medium.

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